2016 Summer Workshop Schedule

The Division of Distance Learning invites you to join us for our 2016 summer workshop series. All workshops will be held in room 125 of the Digital Learning Center at 1:30 pm.


Tuesday, June 21  

Online Course Development:  From Proposal to Payment

Are you interested in developing and teaching an online course? Join the Instructional Design team for this workshop designed to walk you through the complete process of course development and how to complete the process successfully.

Presenters: Karen Girton-Snyder, Ed.D.; Cara Richard, MLIS; Quentin Bellard, M.Ed.; Tim Smith, BAAS


Wednesday, June 22

Blackboard Basics

This session will serve as a general overview of the Blackboard learning management system.

Presenter: Brandi Livingston


Thursday, June 23

Using Blackboard Collaborate And Instant Messenger To Enhance Classroom Communication

Blackboard Collaborate is available in all Blackboard courses.  This web-based meeting platform allows you to share your screen, video, and audio with your students while also recording each session. Blackboard IM is an instant messaging application that allows you to chat live with your students and colleagues—a perfect tool for office hours or to facilitate collaboration between students.

Presenters: Kyle Boudreaux and Johnny Jarrell


Wednesday, June 29

Collaborative Research At A Distance

This session will cover techniques and services that will best aid you and your students in collaborating on research projects at a distance.

Presenter: Kyle Boudreaux


Thursday, June 30

Maintaining Course Continuity During Emergencies

Using Blackboard and other tools to stay connected to your students during an emergency.

Presenter: Brandi Livingston


Wednesday, July 6

Mobile Apps For Education 

Come and explore and share different kinds of apps that are available for you to use for your professional development and teaching.

Presenter: Craig Pember


Thursday, July 7

Quality Matters Orientation

Learn about Quality Matters and how to prepare your course for a Quality Matters review.

Presenters: Craig Pember


Wednesday, July 13

Poster Printing

Learn about designing and printing your own research poster for conferences.  This session will cover best practices in designing your research poster, provide you a poster template to get started, and walk you through the printing procedure.

Presenter: Kyle Boudreaux


Thursday, July 14

Create, Upload And Manage Video Content For You And Your Students In Blackboard With Kaltura

Kaltura is a video hosting solution directly integrated with Blackboard.  It will allow you to record and upload video content to Blackboard. The service is also available for students to use, allowing them to share their own content with you and their classmates. Kaltura replaces Sorenson 360.

Presenters: Kyle Boudreaux and Johnny Jarrell


Tuesday, July 19

The Socratic Method for the Digital Age: A Guide to Making the Most of Your Discussion Questions

If you want to learn more about keeping students engaged in an online course this is the workshop for you.  The Instructional Design team will highlight different types of questions that evoke higher-level learning and student engagement while sharing best practices and discussion board rubrics.

Presenters: Karen Girton-Snyder, Ed.D.; Cara Richard, MLIS; Quentin Bellard, M.Ed.; Tim Smith, BAAS


Wednesday, July 20

Learn About Online Proctoring Using ProctorU

This workshop will present an overview of the ProctorU online proctoring service and how you can incorporate ProctorU into your online class.

Presenter: Kyle Boudreaux


Thursday, July 21

Exploring Digital Resources For Your Courses

Learn about the wealth of digital resources available to use in your courses.  From quizzes, simulation, tutorials, animations and games to open source textbooks and entire courses, there are literally thousands of items available for use in all disciplines at no charge.

Presenter: Dr. Paula Nichols